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A baby girl was born into this magic world on Dec 4th, 1983, and there’s something about her that you needed to know.
She loved to lock herself up behind the invisible walls, where no one can ever get near to her at all.
Here came Prince Charming and his everlasting love slowly broke all the walls and she begun to fall...
Falling deeply in love with the prince and she no longer afraid to get hurt any more.
They lived happily ever after, and so you think the story is over? Well, this is only just the begining of her world :)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Busy Me....

29th Nov - fly off to Taiwan and celebrated our 11th anniversary
30th Nov - Choose our wedding gown
1st Dec - Our pre-wedding photo shoot
3th Dec - Photo selection
4th Dec - Celebrated my 28th Birthday in Taiwan
15th Dec - Collect our wedding bands
25th Dec - View our edited pre-wedding photo shoot
31th Dec - Looking forward to a brand new year
I'm a busy bee and I'm loving it :))

writtern @9:14 PM

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ROM Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands for our ROM since 2008
Decided to trade them for a new pair of rings
Doesn't really feel sad by letting them go

Now waiting patiently for the new rings to arrive
As the store needs to resize the ring and repolishing for both
I used to be a ring size 7 now went down to 6,
You thought I'm suffering some weight loss....
BUT Noooooooo.......
Body weight increase lor *WTH!*
And so we are ringless at the time being
Hubby felt weird of not wearing them
'Cause he likes to turn it round his finger and when he does that action,
means he's thinking of me :))

writtern @9:48 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ampoule - Vitamin C to the Skin

Lately I've been looking for ampoules as a makeup base
Need them for my Pre-wedding Photo shoot
For some of you who doesn't know, makeup artist charges $25 per vail
Online shops selling only @ $5 (lowest price) per vail
Say what!!!
Yup, it's better to source them yourself
Last week, my colleague told me our company's bazaar is selling ampoules
Went to the bazaar just in time
The store lady was starting to pack up her stuff
But she's sweet, still willing to entertain me patiently
and I got what I wanted
Bought a box of 10 vials
@ only 29 bucks!!!
damn cheap :))
The extras can double up as skin care routine
might get more if it improves my skin :)

writtern @12:57 AM

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DND 2011

It's been ages since my last entry...
Not so sure if anyone still pays a little visit...
Well..., will be more hardworking in blogging from now on (I guess ha!)
Last Satuarday was my company's DND
Went to trim my hair and also decided to style it
'Cause damn bored of my straight hair
Thought I don't suit wavy hair...But it turns out great!
Love the curls my hair stylist did for me :)))
They even gave me $10 discount off the bills hehehe...
That's my company's DND invitation
Super Cute right!
The Team is round the world... Lostsa people dress up for the Dinner.
The Best dressed winner can walk away with Ipad 2 ok!
And so, our team for the day was dressed as (drum roll....)
Singaporean! lol...
This was what I wore for the DND
Tube dress from F21, bought it from USA
Wore a Black mesh Tank top underneath the dress
together with butterfly belt from taiwan
and finish off with a white rose hair clip
Of course none of us are the winner
But at least I didn't went home empty handed
I won a $20 voucher from the lucky draw Woohoo...
Better than nothing can!
Loving my hair to the Max!
Me gotten lotsa praise that night hehehe...
Make me so tempted to perm my hair ley

writtern @10:21 PM

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alone no more, 'cause I'm home!

The previous day, when Dear Dear was on guard duty...

It's the very 1st time that I didn't cry, beg him to stay or even whine...

It's not that I can't live without him for just being away for one, tiny single day...

In fact, I could be left all alone during the day and would find entertainment to occupy myself...

But I'm scared of being all alone at night...

That's how I felt when I'm staying in the States...

Especially, when it comes to night time..

I'm all alone in the empty house...

When suddenly, the world seems like I'm the only person living on this planet...

The darkness, the quietness and the loneliness starts to creep me...

I would kept on looking at the time, counting down all the minutes and seconds that passed by of him coming home...

I would tried to exhaust myself by staying up super super late, till I can't open up my eyes...

I would even place the boster under the blanket and pretend that was Dear Dear laying next to me...(I know that's was very silly of me LOL...)

Well, all those days and feelings were long gone now...

'Cause I'm back home... back to Singapore and back to my family...

Having sweet sugary dreams even when Dear Dear's not with me...

'Cause I know...

I'm no longer alone :)

writtern @6:39 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That Creepy time of the Year

It's that time of the year again...

and the creepy feeling is back...

With all the ashes flying around...

Must really watch my steps!

writtern @8:19 PM

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chloe has been super busy

I know it has been a while yet again...

Have just started on a new job...
Simply love the location of my work place to bits :)

And so... Will not have the luxury to blog as much :(

Plus after 2 months of 'almost driving me nuts' waiting... All my 55 boxes will be arriving by tomorrow!

Will be crazy cum extremely cum absolutely busy will all the unpacking...

Can't wait to see all my bags, clothes, shoes etc etc...
Espeically our lovely bed heeheehee...

Poor Dear Dear have been sleeping on the floor for months now...

But do drop by once in a while to catch up on me ok?

With Love,

writtern @11:18 PM